Blueprint: Live at SPACE Gallery

August 12, 2018 Benny P 0

  Last week, I was fortunate enough to witness Blueprint’s ‘Two Head Monster’ tour at SPACE Gallery in Portland, Maine. The veteran hip hop artist was hitting the states in support of his new album


tobi lou – Goaty

August 11, 2018 Benny P 0

More jubilance from tobi lou. Hard not to be in a good mood when you’re listening to this artist’s work, it’s mad cheerful. Not only is it positive, but it’s also quite polished. The production


Reason – The Soul

August 10, 2018 Benny P 0

Big news from Top Dawg Entertainment! The label of superstars is adding a new member to the roster. TDE welcomed West Coast spitter ‘Reason’ to their team this week, and with the news came a


Atmosphere – Make it All Better Again

August 9, 2018 Benny P 0

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Slug truly is a master of storytelling. Can’t tell y’all how happy it makes me that this group is still putting out music in 2018. This cut


J. Cole – Album of the Year Freestyle

August 8, 2018 Benny P 0

Cole wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted some beats! Although, this is a pretty old beat in hip hop years. Nas spit over the original ‘Oochie Wally’ over ten years back, but regardless, Cole


Chynna – Leo Season

August 8, 2018 Benny P 0

Chynna on her trap shit. She’s known to snap on occasion – I dug this track overall. I can see her getting a pretty big following. Music is dope and confidence is there. 48th St


Mick Jenkins – Bruce Banner

August 7, 2018 Benny P 0

Stank face engaged. Tracks like this are why I consider Mick one of the most talented in this entire generation. “Honestly, can’t nobody come for me except Kendrick” If I’m being honest, that ain’t far



August 6, 2018 Benny P 0

Is this the most impressive collaboration of 2018? Kid Cudi, James Blake, Phillip Bailey AND Stevie Wonder. Unbelievable. Probably my favorite cut from ASTROWORLD. Pure tranquility. Big shoutout to Bailey on the hook again –


Freddie Gibbs – Automatic

August 4, 2018 Benny P 0

Gibbs HAS to be one of the funniest MCs in the entire game. A little unfair that he’s also one of the most talented. I’ve been bumping the Freddie EP all damn summer, so many


Ella Mai – Trip

August 3, 2018 Benny P 0

Ella Mai! You got the soul! The U.K. young powerhouse is back with new music. This single is smooth as all hell – Mai’s voice is both beautiful and powerful. In the current R&B scene,


Redman – Ya!

July 31, 2018 Benny P 0

Reggie stay killing it. Personally speaking, I don’t think he’s ever falling off. Stayed consistent – and grown – throughout his entire career. Hit Squad, solo career, Method Man collabs – all dope to me.


An Interview With: Myke Bogan

July 26, 2018 Benny P 0

  Myke Bogan is “The Everyman MC.” I interviewed the Portland spitter a week back or so, and right from the first minute I noticed how refreshingly open and relatable the man was. No topic



July 18, 2018 Benny P 0

Damnnnn, the boys ain’t fucking around. Especially Merlyn, he was ON one on this song. Joba, Dom and Matt were flowing. Romi killed the production. I mean – can BROCKHAMPTON be stopped? I really don’t


Mac Miller – Self Care

July 14, 2018 Benny P 0

Straight up, this might be one of my favorite Mac choruses ever. Had to play it back three times after first listening. So much soul in this man’s music. Some big news comes along with


Denzel Curry – CLOUT COBAIN

July 13, 2018 Benny P 0

Wowwww. Now this, this was a music video. When I think of Denzel Curry right now, two words pop into my mind. Potential…and ambition. He’s hit a new stride in 2018 and everything seems to


Huey Supreme – Dolla Bill

July 12, 2018 Benny P 0

Shoutout to my homie Garrett for passing this on to me…STRAIGHT FUEGO. Hadn’t heard of Supreme before spinning this track, but believe me. He’s on my radar now for sure. His voice, flow, skillset –


tobi lou – The Blue

July 11, 2018 Benny P 0

I swear…this dude has quickly become one of my favorite artists in the come up scene right now. His music, his vibes – they’re just so happy. Can’t help bobbing my head and smiling along


Wiki – Litt 15 (feat. Your Old Droog)

July 10, 2018 Benny P 0

This song is timeless to me – the looping of the beat early on, the hypnotic horn, Wiki and Droog’s street poetry…damn. It’s so pure. Track is from Wik’s debut album No Mountains in Manhattan


Jay Rock – ES Tales

July 9, 2018 Benny P 0

Probably my favorite track off Redemption. Jay Rock on a different level right now in his career. His storytelling, flow, voice – all A1. Keep revisiting this album on the daily almost, it’s too damn

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