ALBUM REVIEW: Frank Ocean – Blonde

by Benny P

The wait is over. After over four years, Frank Ocean has dropped another album. And, since we’ve been in anticipation for so long, I’ll be direct. Blonde is spectacular. The music itself is beautiful and diverse, with Ocean’s voice controlling every single second of the album’s duration. There’s just something about it that is so hard to explain. It sounds familiar and comforting, genuine and pure. At the same time it can be raw, and lonely, almost haunting. But, regardless of the track, it’s always captivating. When you combine this sheer vocal talent with polished, top-tier production and newly added hypnotic audio aesthetics, the album is an astoundingly unique force of art.

The theme of this project should also be discussed. In my mind, it seems like Frank is talking a lot about how we perceive each other and ourselves, and how this ties into us living our lives both as individuals and as a greater society. Perhaps he wants to garner thought and discussion on things like gender classification, our relationship with technology and how it affects the way we think/perceive, and how we as humans are constantly chasing our own personal dreams in a world that is constantly telling us how we should act and think. I may be a little off-point, but regardless it is evident that Frank has put a lot of thought into his music. That has to be praised as well.

Wrapping up, this album is near perfect. There’s beauty in every song, and there are multiple 10/10 tracks. Blonde’s featured collaborators are also incredible, including everyone from Pharrell, BeyoncĂ©, James Blake and Kendrick Lamar to Jamie xx, AndrĂ© 3000, Mike Dean and longtime friend Tyler, The Creator. Ocean also samples Elliot Smith, The Beatles and Stevie Wonder, interpolating classic artists into his modern, sophisticated sound. Overall, I am in love with this album. Straight up. I cannot tell a lie. It’s bold, right from the singer’s soul and, from a pure music standpoint, it’s flawless. Blonde continues to get better upon every listen, and Ocean, deservingly, is on top of the industry right now. Thank you Frank, you have put out a masterpiece.


Favorite Songs: Seigfried, Nights, White Ferrari, Solo, Pink + White, Self Control, Nikes, Ivy, Solo (Reprise)


A+ (97/100)

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