ALBUM REVIEW: Mac Miller – The Devine Feminine

by Benny P
Within the first few minutes of Mac Miller’s fourth studio album, themes are established. This album will be about love, sex and how they both make up Miller’s relationships with women. Performances showing these themes appear in a multitude of ways – some upbeat, others slowed-down, and some upfront or sensual. And, to be honest, whatever style Mac is playing with to broadcast his thoughts usually is enjoyable. These subjects of love and sex may have gotten a little repetitive at times yes, but they were consistent. The point of this album is there, right in front of you the entire time. Women are creatures of great intelligence, beauty and complexity, deserving of all our respect, love and admiration. His relationship with fellow musician Ariana Grande may be a contributing factor to why this declaration is so prominent, but I can only feel happiness for the man. He has once again reinvented himself (this time almost as an R&B artist) and proven that his music cannot be pigeonholed. I continuously revisit many songs on The Devine Feminine and must say this a damn fine album. It’s not groundbreaking per say, but it definitely is a sign of much creative growth.

Mac continues to build entirely new doors for himself and kick right through them. MCing, producing, singing – he has proven that he can do it all. K.I.D.S. may be years old now, but the youthful drive to explore and grow is still there in his music. Keep up the good work.

Favorite Tracks: Congratulations; Dang!; We; Stay; God is Fair, Sexy, Nasty; My Favorite Part; Planet Got Damn
B (74/100)

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