Common – Black America Again

Thank you, Common. I can’t think of many MCs that continuously use their platform to fight for positive change like he does. America needs this album now more than ever. Listen to it and think about the history of our nation and the atrocities blacks have been subjected too. Think about the Jim Crow south, today’s police brutality and gentrification of black neighborhoods. Think about the economic, educational, societal and cultural implications of all these horrors, and how they affect black people of this country on the daily. We live in an extremely unbalanced world, and we need to keep fighting for equality. Silence is no longer an option. Everyone – it doesn’t matter who you are – must unite and combat the racism against people of color. Black America Again not only is a beautiful album musically, but beautiful in its message. Again, thank you Common. Eleven albums in and not slowing down. #BlackLivesMatter

Fav Tracks: Letter to the Free, Black America Again, A Bigger Picture Called Free, Joy & Peace, The Day Woman Took Over, Little Chicago Boy, Unfamiliar

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