In Rotation: 12/7/16

by Ben Pinette

As Uncle Snoop said, it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none. Here are the songs you should check out this week. Spread the good word of music. There is a lot of talent out there just waiting to be recognized.


Kembe X – ‘Carpenter’
Talk Back really wowed me. ‘Carpenter’ is one of many tracks that I revisit from the project, and Kembe showed lots of growth on that LP. Always brings the bars.

Q-Tip – ‘Let’s Ride’
I’ve been enjoying the excellence of ATCQ’s new album so much that I had to go back and peep some vintage Q-Tip. This Dilla produced cut bounces, and dates back to his 1997 solo album Amplified. Undoubtably one of the greatest to ever do it. All love to Phife and Jay Dee.

Myke Bogan – ‘Pink Cocaine’
Bogan is an on-the-bubble West Coast MC that I just can’t get enough of. His quick flow, wacky references and sheer technical skill made me a fan earlier in the year, and I haven’t stopped playing him since. Worth a listen.


The Cool Kids – ‘Connect 4’
Saw online a while back that this and ‘Running Man’ won’t actually be on the upcoming comeback album from The Cool Kids. If tracks like this aren’t strong enough to make the cut , then I can’t even imagine what’s to come. Overjoyed that these two are back!

Pete Rock & Smoke DZA – ‘Dusk 2 Dusk (feat. theMIND, Big K.R.I.T. & Dom Kennedy)’
Holy moly look at this lineup. K.R.I.T. and DZA collabs are always fantastic, but did you hear this Pete Rock beat!? Outstanding. And then when you add in the talents of theMIND and Dom Kennedy, simply put, it’s perfection. 10/10 song.

Childish Gambino – ‘Stand Tall’
What a way to conclude an album. Although there wasn’t any hip hop on “Awaken, My Love!,” I still found it to be an exhilarating album. Glover blended genres in impressive fashion, and he deserves all the recent acclaim he’s been receiving. An absolute genius!


Femdot – ‘341’
I’m putting my money on this dude in 2017. He’s periodically dropped some gems this year, and being from Chicago, he positions himself near other young rap powerhouses. If Dot works with more local MCs in the future, while still putting out stellar solo tracks like this, he’s got a propitious career ahead of him. That beat switch though.

Yung Simmie – ‘Bucks’
You know, I’d rank Simmie up there with Curry and Kodak as the best young rappers in Florida right now. He dropped two dope projects in just this past year alone, each stacked with well-rapped bangers. Keep him on your radar for sure.

Blaq Poet – ‘We Gon Ill’
Let’s end this week’s article with some classic stuff. Two legends of the games collabing on this joint, with Premo handling the beat and Poet providing the rhymes. This dude’s career dates back to the golden age days, and he actually played a part in the infamous “Bridge Wars.” Since then he’s put out some underground classics, with this song residing towards the top of the list.


images via Myke Bogan, Lisette Worster, Ibra Ake and Blaq Poet

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