In Rotation: 12/14/16

by Ben Pinette

As Uncle Snoop said, it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none. Here are the songs you should check out this week. Spread the good word of music. There is a lot of talent out there just waiting to be recognized.


Ab-Soul – ‘Now You Know’
One of my choice cuts from his latest LP Do What Thou Wilt. Heavily enjoyed the wordplay on this one, peep Rap Genius to fully absorb what the Black Lip Pastor is throwing at us. Few are as witty/intelligent with their bars as Soulo is.

Clear Soul Forces – ‘BPSWR’
Quite possibly the most slept-on hip hop group out there currently. They’ve been going hard for seven years now, each project impressing me more than the next. Future Detroit legends right here, just press play if you don’t wanna take my word for it.

Boogie – ‘Still Thirsty’
Back to the West Coast. Boogie’s Thirst 48 Pt. II album was filled with powerful songs, and I personally like this one the best. The piano mixes with Boog’s lyrics masterfully – another underrated MC.


J. Cole – ‘Neighbors’
Classic shit from Cole. Insightful bars, clean delivery and a catchy chorus. He also did his thing on the beat – an impressive performance all around. Story behind this is pretty nuts too, shows you just how racist this nation still is. Definitely up there as a top track from 4 Your Eyez Only.

Elf Kid – ‘Golden Boy’
Let us now travel across the pond to the United Kingdom. A land filled with buzzing MCs, one being 19 year old ‘Elf Kid.’ The young rapper is already turning heads with his spastic flow and upbeat energy. Lotta funk on this one, definitely something to dance to.

Charles Hamilton – ‘Stay There’
The NYC hip hop artist reflects on his past controversies and his current position in the hip hop game over some piano-driven production. Plenty of quotable lines, Hamilton’s pen game didn’t take a break despite his hiatus. Album is still solid almost one week after its release, and I couldn’t be happier for the dude. Much deserving.


CJ Fly – ‘IDGAF’
Pro Era in your area. Not much to see here – just an unreal MC destroying an equally nasty instrumetnal. Between Flytrap and Thee Way I See It, Fly has now solidified his spot as one of the top rhymers in this new generation of hip hop. Crown ain’t safe no more, Joey!

Jamal – ‘Keep it Real’
Throwback time. Jamal brings us all the way back to 1995 with ‘Keep it Real,’ crazy to think that over 20 years have passed since then. Erick Sermon’s craftsmanship on the boards has to be noted as well. Def Squad never gets old.

Westside Gunn – ‘Summerslam 88’
Let’s get ready to rumble! Westside Gunn spits over a Your Old Droog instrumental – need I say anything else? Griselda took over this year. Repeat for days.


images via Alexey Yurenev, Ab-Soul, J. Cole & Westside Gunn

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