ALBUM REVIEW: Big Sean – I Decided

by Benny P

Fourth studio album from the GOOD Music MC. I don’t know about y’all, but that just seems crazy to me. I can still remember bumping ‘Smoke n Drive’ while waiting for Finally Famous 3 to drop. Now, Sean’s already releasing his FOURTH album? Wow. I kinda lost interest in him during the Hall of Fame days to be truthful, he just seemed to be too focused on making hip hop with a pop sound to me. But, Dark Sky Paradise did surprise me way more than I expected – so I was pretty excited about hearing this.

I Decided, after a few listens, is a strong LP from Sean. Out of the fourteen tracks on here, I will probably go back and listen to eight or so. The production was pleasantly varied – I really enjoyed the more mellow cuts like ‘Bigger Than Me,’ ‘Halfway Off the Balcony’ and especially ‘Light.’ I don’t know if it’s because that sample always holds a nostalgic place in my heart, but Jeremih and him slayed that track. The more radio sounding singles like ‘Bounce Back’ and ‘Moves’ are enjoyable too (good for parties especially), mostly due in part to Sean’s spastic rubber band flow. When you include unique collaborations with Migos, his boo Jhen√© Aiko and hometown God Eminem it’s a fun and well-planned project.

Sean didn’t drop one of the year’s most mind-bending or experimental albums, but he did show a lot of progress and vision as an artist. The “second-chance” theme of the album matched the vibe of the music well enough and I respect the f*ck out of the fact that he put a choir from Flint on the closing track (FLINT STILL DOESN’T HAVE CLEAN WATER – DO NOT FORGET THAT). It fit so well, and concluded the album on a high note. The only thing that would have boosted it to a higher ranking would be trimming off a few of the repetitive songs and including the tracks ‘No More Interviews’ and ‘Living Single.’ Not putting them on here was a crime. Such cool singles, reminded me a lot of the mixtape Sean days. To conclude though, Sean gets some big props from me. Overall, I’m quite happy that I decided (haha pun) to listen to this.


Favorite Songs: Light, Bigger Than Me, Sacrifices, No Favors, Halfway Off the Balcony, Voices in My Head/Stick to the Plan, Same Time Pt. 1, Bounce Back, Moves


B- (69/100)


image via Big Sean, GOOD Music & Def Jam

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