Top 30 Songs of 2017


Oh man. Here we are. Not much left to go. The 30 best songs in hip hop/r&b from this past year. I don’t know about y’all, but I sure thought 2017 kicked ass musically. Let us now showcase the best of the best, and as always – S P R E A D L O V E and support hip hop!




Madness, love, intensity – what grouping of words even attemps to describe this track? Saturation III kicked off on a high note due to this stellar performance and the album never slowed down from there. ‘BOOGIE’ displays just how deep the talent of BROCKHAMPTON really goes – they tore this song upppppppp.


29) Logic – ‘Mos Definitely’

To anyone hating on Logic’s positivity this past year – I hope you find happiness in 2018. Y’all are just sad. You know what’s not sad? How dope this song is. Bobby Tarantino’s homage to the legendary Mos Def a.k.a. Yasiin Bey is a flurry of meaning and flows, and also serves as my personal fav from his Everybody album. 6ix did his thing on the boards too; an all around tremendous hip hop song.


28) meetVoutside – ‘Splash’

This track crept into the top 30 right at the end, folks. Its catchiness and overall feeling of freedom make it incredibly infectious to listen to – been rotating it since I heard it way back in the Spring. Shoutout V – talked to this artist a lot this year and his vision impresses me. Local roots.


27) H.E.R. & Daniel Caesar – ‘Best Part’

Top vocal duet of 2017. The pairing of these artists’ voices is pure magic. Classic love song songwriting with a polished modern R&B/soul twist. This song was destined to be made, we just had to wait for H.E.R. and Daniel to meet. Hit play and let the love flow.


26) Mick Jenkins – ‘C is For Cash Money’

Gil Scott-Heron thoooooooo. As a super Mick fan, putting a track from Or More; The Anxious on this list was a no-brainer. Out of all the fire water on that tape, I have to put ‘C is For Cash Money’ as my top cut. Its hazy production combined with Jenkins’ witty wordplay massages my ears to bliss. IF YOU’VE NEVER LISTENED TO MICK THEN YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT YOUR HOMEWORK IS TONIGHT! FINISH UP THIS LIST AND GET RIGHT TO IT! Free Nation.



25) EarthGang – ‘ROBOTS’

More Dreamville love. This was another track that blew me away upon first listen. It just has this attractive feel to it, one that sucks you in right when the first note hits your eardrum. Doc and Venus’ verses and melodies synthesize in near-perfert harmony – this duo is growing majorly with each step. Mad love.


24) Sylvan LaCue – ‘Grateful’

2018 BREAKOUT ARTIST ALERT! From the first time I heard this song I was in love. Simple positivity. Spreading good vibes. That’s what life is all about, yo. Play this song and you will feel why. Apologies in Advance is coming in January – be ready!


23) JAY-Z – ‘Family Feud (feat. Beyoncé)’

Jay-Z cheated on Beyoncé. She called him out on one of the biggest albums of the past 10 years. Then, Jay responded. Not by ducking questions, not by pointing fingers – instead he admitted that he fucked up. The result of this painful fact is heard throughout 4:44, but no more powerful than on this song. Jay and Bey’s relationship can be a metaphor for all of us as a whole. We are all family. Blood. Nobody wins when we fight. Let us unify and spread love as a people. We all deserve a slice. Thank you for the wisdom Hov. A million dollars worth of game for only $9.99.


22) Vince Staples – ‘Yeah Right’ (feat. Kendrick Lamar)’

Oh would you just look at this. Vince Staples and Kendrick Lamar. On the same track. Read that sentence and really let those words sink in. This collab was everything I wanted it to be – that bridge was tight as hell – and each artist absolutely devastated their verse. Vince a legend, anyone disagreeing needs to cop a Sprite and ponder their life decisions.


21) Aminé – ‘Turf’

A portrait of home, of one’s turf. Aminé knocked it out the park on this one.

“Friends used to do pills and only eat at Du’s Grill
The food was pretty good but the times was better
These are the only days I missed
Like the first shawty I kissed
I used to have dreams, now I dream”

Those bars really resonated with me. Best of luck to you in 2018, Aminé. You pushed the culture forward this year and earned my respect.



20) GoldLink – ‘Pray Everyday (Survivor’s Guilt)’

Oooooo do I love this song. It builds with finesse. The chorus is fantastic. The message is important. It’s positive. And don’t get me started on the choir background vocals. Top tier. The DMV phenom took over this year – definitely keep him on your radar if he isn’t already. At What Cost, his debut album, is a great place to start!


19) Vic Mensa – ‘Say I Didn’t’

This is how you kick off an album. A debut album on Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label, at that. Overflowing with soul and featuring a ‘Darondo’ sample, Vic paints scenes of friendship, loss and growth in the Windy City – it’s a warm and touching song overall. Couldn’t be more proud of this artist right now. SAVEMONEY CLICK!


18) Evidence – ‘Throw it All Away’

Evidence and The Alchemist. One of the finer peanut butter and jellies of the hip hop game. Al provides Ev with a string-filled instrumental, and The Weatherman shreds it to pieces. This would be a good time to tell you that his next album Weather or Not is coming out January 26th. That’s this month! Prepare yourselves, people. Always sending love.


17) Lou the Human – ‘Macklemore’
Grime. Filth. Bars. Bars. And more bars. More bars than watching a Cheers marathon in a dive bar in Barlow, OR while an old man cleans a BAR machine gun in the corner, while another person flushes xanny bars down the toilet – while ANOTHER person does pull ups in the doorway. Was that too extra?


16) Tha God Fahim – ‘Saga City (feat. Mach-Hommy & Your Old Droog)’

The first time I heard this song I literary stopped what I was doing and stared blankly in astonishment. Hommy and Droog both go the f*ck off, but Fahim takes it to a new level. On a track he produced, nonetheless. Tha God Fahim might be the most slept-on on artist all year. Peep his output and you’ll see why.



15) Freddie Gibbs – ’20 Karat Jesus’

One of the gnarliest beat switches all year. The soulful choir combined with the booming drums might be one of the illest things he’s spit over. And believe me. The dude can rap over pretty much anything. Madlib, Kaytranada, Statik Selektah, Mike Dean, Cardo, DJ Dahi, Boi-1da, Cookin’ Soul, The Alchemist – it doesn’t matter. Literary doesn’t matter. Bow down to the flow.


14) Rapsody – ‘Nobody (feat. Moonchild, Anderson .Paak & Black Thought)’

You can just read the features on this song and know it’s destined to be a beaut. You have one of the top vocal artists in Paak, one of the best R&B/jazz groups in Moonchild, a GOAT MC in Black Thought, and then one of this generation’s most elite in Rapsody! Oh – and instrumentals from 9th Wonder and Khrysis too! Cannot forget them! One of those songs that everyone needs to listen to this year – especially the second half. You crushed it, Rap. Immense praise is due.


13) WESTSIDEDOOM – ‘Gorilla Monsoon’



12) David Sabastian – ‘Ballin’

Aight. So, this technically is a remix to a Bibi Bourelly song, but after playing it all year I have to say – this joint shines blindingly on its own. David Sabastian liked Bibi’s hook so much that he decided to put his own twist on it. He stripped down the production and rapped only over a piano, providing us with some of the most bare, passionate and heartfelt verses I witnessed all year. One of those performances that instantly connects you with the artist. I foresee big things in his future.


11) Tyler, The Creator – ‘911/Mr. Lonely’

Y’all remember the first time you heard this? Right at the end of the ‘Who Dat Boy’ video? Fell in love on the spot. Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy and A$AP Rocky on the guest features, the smoothest hook of Tyler’s career and then one of his hardest verses ever on the beat switch! Spilled his soul into the bars again too, that’s truly what makes Flower Boy so damn good. Calllll me sometimee.



10) Playboi Carti – ‘Magnolia’

Man, listen. There are too many scenes to paint when I think of this song. Too many memories. Too many exotic nights. The lust. The swagger. The bounce. Pi’erre Bourne crafted one of the year’s most insane instrumentals – Playboi Carti brought the sauce to a whole new level – 181,000,000 streams later – Jay approved – hyphens on hyphens – I love the flutes the most – one love to all and thank you for putting up with me 🙂 .



9) SZA – ‘Broken Clocks’

This song is a wave. A wave I want to be lost in forever. And, like a broken clock, I cannot tell the time when it’s on. I kind of just melt into SZA’s voice and the entrancingly haunting vocal loops of the instrumental. And the chorus – just f*cking marinate me and serve me on a silver platter. My goose is cooked. CTRL. is a work of art. Spoiler alert – you’ll see it in my top 10 albums. But you didn’t hear that from me.



8) Westside Gunn – ‘100,000 Machine Gunz (feat. Royce da 5’9″ & Conway)’

Can someone get Ennio Morricone on the line? We have a Western score on our hands here. This greatness was bred right in streets of Buffalo and Detroit. The guitar, bassline, hook, VERSES – THIS SONG BLOWS MY MIND IN EVERY ASPECT. CEREBELLUM, MEDULLA OBLONGATA, FRONTAL LOBE – SH*T IS BLOWN UP EVERYWHERE. NOW WE GOTTA CALL THE CLEANERS – NO ONE HAS TIME FOR THIS! IT’S WEDNESDAY! WE HAVE WORK TO DO! GRISELDA!



7) G Herbo – ‘Malcolm’

If you saw the verses list, you probably expected this track to make an appearance. Herbo went all out on here. His words paint movies scenes, ones that we’ve heard all to much in not only hip hop, but all music. Herb’s scenes are tightly delivered and packed to hit you in your core. DJ L needs a shoutout on the beat – simply perfect match to the bars. The symbolism of the name ‘Malcolm’ is not lost either. Herbo deserves his props. Been saying deep sh*t for a minute now and I guranatee he won’t slow down in 2018.



6) IDK – ‘Black Sheep White Dove’

This song is about IDK’s dead mother. Wanted to be as upfront as possible just so y’all can realize how powerful this song is. It’s a five-part emotional tour de force, filled with poignant and painful commentary on life in modern America. On living with grief, and wanting to move on and keep living. On how to cope with devastating loss.

At the end of the day, music unifies. That’s what this joint will do forever. Thank you for displaying your soul, IDK. ‘Black Sheep White Dove’ defines the term “special.” Absolutely beautiful hip hop track – ya boy got some goosebumps typing this.



5) Lil Uzi Vert – ‘XO Tour Llif3’

I still cannot believe how huge this song got. Let me paint a scene. It’s early in 2017. I’m laying down in my bed and I see that Uzi dropped 4 new songs. I picked the one with the oddest title first to listen to, which happened to have a beat by TM88, a producer I really like. Instantly I felt something about the song. It clicked sonically and I vibed with it. Forgot about it for a weeks, until, well, you knows the rest. But, even after one listen I could tell this was a different side of Uzi.

‘XO Tour Llif3’ is hella powerful. Depression and mental illness ARE NO JOKE. Substance abuse and break-ups can be a hard-hitting combo on our psyches, and it sounds like Uzi felt some of those emotions this year. Don’t look at this song as a reason to pop a xan and not think about your pain. Let this song marinate your emotional anguish. Feel. Reflect. Does anything need to change for you to be happy? To better your mental health? If the answer is yes, then apply all your energy to that goal and keep climbing. ‘XO Tour Llif3’ made me think about mental illness in a different light, especially within the hip hop community. Wishing you the best in 2018, Lil Uzi.



4) Joey Bada$$ – ‘Temptation’

I’m gonna drop some knowledge. I’d say like half of the game really doesn’t show Joey the love he’s owed. All-AmeriKKKan Bada$$ is an album of pure hea(r)t. He put it all on the line for his people. On top of this feat he also dropped some of the hottest hip hop heard all year. ‘Temptation’ vibes like a 90s sunny day good vibes summer jam. Windows open, love is in the air, food is cooking – you better be dancing when this is rotating. It’s so effortlessly warm. It spreads love through the music. And it’s timeless. Kirk Knight and 1-900 must be thanked. A 10/10 song.



3) GoldLink – ‘Crew Remix (feat. Gucci Mane, Shy Glizzy & Brent Faiyaz)’

Club/party/feel good track of the year. Did you hear Faiyaz on the chorus? Gotta be my top hook of 2018.

This song was already a gorgeous, glistening monster. When Gucci hopped on it though – it was cemented. ‘Crew’ is one of the greatest jams in all the land all year. Teddy Walton spazzed on the boards, the verses and hook flow seamlessly – just look at this video. Look at the kid dancing! Hear the crowd! Feel that! Feel that same energy! YES!



2) Kendrick Lamar & 9th Wonder – ‘DUCKWORTH.’

Still really haven’t recovered from this discovery. You know, the one where we learned Kendrick’s dad and Kendrick’s musical mentor (Top Dawg) knew each other somehow when Kendrick was just an infant, and that since Kendrick’s dad was kind to Top he didn’t take his life in any sort of robbery or anything. And 25ish years later now that infant I mentioned is the f*cking king of music. Yeah, I said it. Who’s better than Kendrick in all of music right now? Point ’em out. I wanna see. I encourage debate – but the crown will be on his head regardless. Watching Kendrick Lamar grow like this has been one of the greatest gifts of my young life and that is no joke. I swear that to y’all. I will end with these two words: 9th Wonder.

That’s all that needs to be stated.



1) Frank Ocean – ‘Chanel’

This just feels like the #1 song doesn’t it? Restart it and listen closely to that first second kick in. Ah, yes – there it is. You can hear it.

It’s no secret that Frank Ocean has chops. We heard that throughout 2016 with the masterpieces Endless and Blond(e). But, when he released this single in the mid-winter of this past year, things just felt elevated. Frank sounds free, almost. Or, at least, the music has this feeling of pure liberation. His ability to switch between singing and rapping combined with his constant control of tempo and rhythm is astounding. I remember one of my friends texting me a few days after ‘Chanel’ dropped simply saying:

“I’ve already listened to this 75 times.”

I can only imagine what that number is at now. I don’t even want to know what it is for me. Frank finesses music, the times and personal freedom on this joint. The 1:45 mark still gets to me every listen – I’ll cut myself off before I ramble any more. Music is so amazing to me because it can make you feel, it can heal you. It brings emotions out. ‘Chanel’ brought the emotions out like no other song released in these past 365. For that reason, the title is your’s Frank. We’ll see you at the albums.


Honorable Mention
2 Chainz – ‘4 AM’
21 Savage – ‘Bank Account’
Action Bronson – ‘The Choreographer,’ ‘9-24-7000’ & ‘La Luna’
The Alchemist – ‘Brand Name,’ ‘Floor Seats’ & ‘A Thousand Birds’
Allan Kingdom – ‘Know About It’
Ameer Vahn – ‘High Tolerance’
Aminé – ‘Blinds’
Anoyd – ‘Times Infinity’
A$AP Ferg – ‘Plain Jane’
A$AP Mob – ‘RAF (Version 2)’ & ‘What Happens’
A$AP Twelvyy – ‘Castle Hell’
AZ – ‘Save Them’
Benny Okoto – ‘Triple Double’
Big Boi – ‘In the South’
Big K.R.I.T. – ‘Get Away,’ ‘Mixed Messages, ‘Big Bank’ & ‘Higher Calling’
Big Sean – ‘Light’
Billy Woods – ‘Keloid,’ ‘Gazpacho’ & ‘Source Awards’
Black Party – ‘Garden (Demo)’
Blu & Exile – ‘All These Ladies’
Brian – ‘Who That Be’
Brother Ali – ‘Own Light (What Hearts Are For)’ & ‘Pray For Me’
Bryson Tiller – ‘Don’t Get Too High’
Caleborate – ‘Bankrobber’
Calvin Harris – ‘Slide’ & ‘Rollin’
Cardi B – ‘Bodak Yellow’
Chuck Stranges – ‘Fresh’
Clams Casino – ‘Kali Yuga’
Conway – ‘Cooked in Hell’s Kitchen,’ ‘iLL’ & ‘Bishop Shot Steel’
The Cool Kids – ‘Too Smooth’
Cousin Stizz – ‘Lambo,’ ‘Paper Calling,’ ‘No Ice’
Cuz Lightyear – ‘Pots & Pans’
Cyhi the Prynce – ‘Get Yo Money,’ ‘Closer’ & ‘Trick Me’
Danger Mouse – ‘Chase Me’
Daniel Caesar – ‘Blessed,’ ‘We Find Love,’ ‘Take Me Away’ & ‘Freudian’
Danny Brown – ‘Kool Aid’
Danny Watts – ‘Uprooted,’ ‘Pill’ & ‘The Things We Have to Do’
The Darker the Shadow the Brighter the Light – ‘Your Wave’s God Wave’s God’
Deem Spencer – ‘Moonflower’
The Diplomats – ‘Once Upon a Time’
DJ Premier – ‘Our Streets’
Drake – ‘Passionfruit,’ ‘Skepta Interlude’ & ‘Do Not Disturb’
DRAM – ‘Good Thing’
EarthGang – ‘House,’ ‘Artificial’ & ‘Meditate’
Edo G. – ‘Freedom’
Ezri – ‘Be Right Back’
Evidence – ‘Jim Dean’
Fashawn – ‘Fashawn’
FEYNMAN – ‘The Wave’
Flatbush Zombies – ‘Babel’
Frank Ocean – ‘Biking,’ ‘Provider’ & ‘Lens (Version 2)’
Freddie Gibbs – ‘Crushed Glass,’ ‘Off Top,’ ‘Alexys’ & ‘Homesick’
Future – ‘Mask Off Remix,’ ‘Hallucinating,’ ‘Feds Did a Sweep’ & ‘Fresh Air’
Tha God Fahim – ‘Dashiki in the White House,’ ‘Niggarati Manor,’ ‘Bell Ringer,’ ‘Papers Cuts’ & ‘All Day’
G Herbo – ‘Red Snow’ & ‘Street’
GoldLink – ‘Meditation’
Gorillaz – ‘Ascension,’ ‘Let Me Out’ & ‘Hallelujah Money’
Gucci Mane – ‘5 Million Intro’ & ‘Lil Story’
Gunplay – ‘Patience’
H.E.R. – ‘Every Kind of Way’ & ‘I Won’t’
Higher Bros – ‘Flo Rida’
IDK – ‘Pizza Shop Extended’ & ‘No Shoes on the Rug, Leave Them at the Door’
Ivan Ave – ‘Steaming’
Ivy Sole – ‘Rooftop’ & ‘Lost’
J. Hurt – ‘God Don’t Like Ugly’
J.I.D – ‘Underwear,’ ‘Somebody,’ ‘Hoodbooger’ & ‘LAUDER’
J’Von – ‘Lil Phantom Yellow Tune’ & ‘Hashbrowns’
JAY-Z – ‘4:44,’ ‘The Story of OJ,’ ‘Smile’ & ‘Legacy’
Jay Worth – ‘Stepping Out’
Jazz Cartier – ‘How Did I Get This Deep?’
Joji – ‘Will He’
Jorja Smith – ‘On My Mind’
Jean Deux – ‘Wikipedia’
Jeezy – ‘American Dream’
Jidenna – ‘Bambi’
Jonwayne – ‘Human Condition,’ ‘These Words Are Everything,’ ‘City Lights’ & ‘Rainbow’
Katori Walker – ‘Ormoni,’ ‘Missiles’ & ‘Ignorace’
Kelela – ‘Frontline ‘ & ‘Take Me Apart’
Kembe X – ‘B.I.B.’
Kendrick Lamar – ‘DNA.,’ ‘XXX.,’ ‘FEAR.,’ ‘FEEL.’ & ‘ELEMENT.’
Khalid – ‘Saved’ & ‘Hopeless’
Koss – ‘Longevity’
Knox Fortune – ‘Lil Thing’
KYLE – ‘iSpy’
Le$ – ‘Zebra Cakes’
Lil Uzi Vert – ‘444+222’ & ‘Neon Guts’
Little Simz – ‘Picture Perfect’
Logic – ‘Everybody’
Lou the Human – ‘Lou’s Dead’
Loyle Carner – ‘The Seamstress (Tooting Masala)’ & ‘Stars & Shards’
Lupe Fiasco – ‘Dopamine Lit (Intro)’
Lute – ‘Juggin,’ ‘Ford’s Prayer’ & ‘Crabs in a Barrel’
Mach-Hommy – ‘Sous Vide,’ ‘Maslow’s Hammer,’ ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ ‘Continental Breakfast’ & ‘Mach Marcy’
MarcLo- ‘Swngn’
Matt Martians – ‘Diamond in da Ruff’
Maxo Kream – ‘Grannies’ & ‘5200’
MC Eight & DJ Premier – ‘Got That’
Meek Mill – ‘Young Black America’ & ‘Heavy Heart’
meetVoutside – ‘Ring Road’
Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs – ‘Murder Rap’ & ‘Hashashin’
MF DOOM – ‘Doomsayer’ & ‘True Lightyears’
MFNMelo – ‘White Cheddar’
Mick Jenkins – ‘Gucci Bag,’ ‘Vampire in Brookyln,’ ‘Happy Gilmore’ & ‘Pressed For Time (Crossed My Mind)’
Migos – ‘Call Casting,’ ‘T-Shirt’ & ‘Kelly Price’
Milo – ‘Sorcerer,’ ‘Embroidering Machine,’ ‘Magician (Suture)’ & ‘Take Advantage of the Naysayer’
Mozzy – ‘Momma Told Me’ & ‘Sleep Walkin’
Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – ’40’z @ The Met Gala’
Mulatto Beats – ‘Guilty Automatic’
Mura Masa – ‘All Around the World’
Myke Bogan – ‘Sailor Jerry’s,’ ‘Take the Night Off’ & ‘Elevators Above’
N.E.R.D. – ‘Don’t Don’t Do It!’ & ‘Kites’
Nyck @ Knight – ‘All Night,’ ‘Wake Up’ & ‘Audiopium’
Oddisee – ‘Like Really’ & ‘Want to Be’
Oh No & Tristate – ‘Imhotep’
Open Mike Eagle – ‘Brick Body Complex’ & ‘Legendary Iron Hood’
OverDoz. – ‘District’ & ‘Manifesto’
Paul White & Danny Brown – ‘Lion’s Den’
Pell – ‘Chirpin’
Pinky Liberachi – ‘Message No. 1’
Purple Dialect – ‘Shell Life’
Ransom – ‘The Mystery’
Rapsody – ‘Jesus Coming,’ ‘Laila’s Wisdom,’ ‘You Should Know,’ ‘Power,’ ‘A Rollercoaster Jam Called Love’ & ‘Black & Ugly’
Rejjie Snow – ‘Purple Tuesday’ & ‘Crooked Cops’
Reuben Vincent – ‘Waves in the Water,’ ‘Teen Spirit’ & ‘Myers Park’
Rexx Life Raj – ‘Level Up’
RJ – ‘Hennebeeto’
Rob Markman – ‘Fredo’
Roc Marciano – ‘Move Dope,’ ‘Already,’ ‘Killing Time’ & ‘Rosebudd’s Revenge’
The Roots (& Bilal) – ‘It Ain’t Fair’
Saba – ‘There You Go’
Sampha – ‘What Shouldn’t I Be,’ ‘(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano’ & ‘Take Me Inside’
Sean Price (shoutout Bernadette) – ‘Dead or Alive’
Scienze – ‘I Would Rob a Whole Bank For You’
Shabazz Palaces – ‘Since C.A.Y.A.’
Shredders – ‘Flipping Cars’
SiR – ‘Something Foreign’
Skepta – ‘No Security’
Smino – ‘Father Son Holy Smoke,’ ‘Netflix & Dusse,’ ‘Glass Flows,’ ‘blkswn,’ ‘Anita Remix’ & ‘Sorbet’
Statik Selektah – ‘But You Don’t Hear Me Tho,’ ‘Slept to Death’ & ‘Put Jewels on It’
Stik Figa – ‘Cold’
Stormzy – ‘First Things First’ & ‘Lay Me Bore’
Super Bwe – ‘Up Right Now’
Syd – ‘Insecurities’ & ‘All About Me’
SZA – ‘Love Galore,’ ‘The Weekend,’ ‘Supermodel’ & ‘Doves in the Wind’
Talib Kweli – ‘Traveling Light’ & ‘All of Us’
Thundercat – ‘Show You the Way,’ ‘Lava Lamp’ & ‘Walk on By’
Traffic – ‘Everyday Life’
Travis Scott – ‘Butterfly Effect’ & ‘A Man’
Travis Scott & Quavo – ‘Modern Slavery’
Tyler, The Creator – ‘See You Again,’ ‘Garden Shed,’ ‘November’ & ‘Glitter’
The Underachievers – ‘Gotham Nights,’ ‘How We Roll’ & ‘Kiss the Sky’
Vic Mensa – ‘OMG’ & ‘Wings’
Vince Staples – ‘Crabs in a Bucket,’ ‘Big Fish,’ ‘Party People’ & ‘BagBak’
Wale – ‘Fish n Grits’ & ‘Thank God’
Westside Gunn – ‘RIP Bobby,’ ‘Don’t Trust a Soul’ & ‘Finn Balor’
Wiki – ‘Made For This,’ ‘Litt 15’ & ‘Leppy Coqui’
Wu-Tang – ‘People Say’ & ‘If Time is Money (Fly Navigation)’ & ‘Hood Go Bang!’
YGTUT – ‘Hot Fire,’ ‘Rags to Bxxches’ & ‘Hammer Time’
Your Old Droog – ‘White Rappers (A Good Guest),’ ‘Grandma Hips’ & ‘You Can Do It (Give Up)’
Yung Simmie – ‘Holy Smoke’
Z Money – ‘Two 16s’


*more honorable mentions to possibly come*



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