Benny’s Crib: Bensbeendead. (Pilot Episode)



Here it is, friends. The debut episode of RhymeBeat’s in-house podcast, ‘Benny’s Crib.’ On the pilot episode, I welcomed Portland, ME up-and-comer ‘Bensbeendead.’ into my home for camaraderie and conversation. Pull up a seat, kick your shoes off, crack a beverage and unwind to the soothing sounds of the culture. Thank you! #MaineHipHop



Early Singing Aspirations

“When I was in first grade, when we had to pick what we wanted to be, I wrote that I wanted to be a singer. And I used to, when I was a kid, I used to tell my parents that I was going to be a professional singer. And they would be like: ‘Yeah right, you don’t know how to sing.’ And I’d be like: ‘Yeah!? Watch me!’ And I would go and get the Yellow Pages, and I would flip through to find talent agents. And I’d be like: ‘Mom, I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna call this talent agent!’ (laughs).”



Embracing a Different Sound

“I got really inspired after Frank Ocean’s Blonde came out and the new Bon Iver album 22, A Million. Combining those sounds, at the time I was working on some rap music, and I was doing the same thing I was doing. I got so inspired by that sound I was like: ‘I have to make this.’ So, I started experimenting with playing guitar, playing live piano, just making songs with instruments and stuff, and warping them. And doing all this crazy mixing stuff.”



2019 and Beyond

“I’m ready to take it to the next level. I have music in the stash that I’m so proud of, and it feels like kinda taking it from stuff where I’m like: ‘This is kinda cool.’ To: ‘Damn, this is something that is going to resonate with people.’ Big level. So, a lot of the stuff I’m working on right now, I feel so good about it. It’s more become about rollouts, and how to do it properly. Which is something that can make or break a good song. You can make the greatest song in the world, and if you roll it out and nobody hears it, then it’s not going to go anywhere.”



Block the Wind

“Block the Wind is literally my childhood neighborhood. We had the closest neighborhood, because we all lived in Yarmouth, and were all on this point on like, the end of Yarmouth. So we all had the same issues of: ‘No one wants to come hang out with us, cause we live so fuckin’ far away (laughs).’ No one’s parents wants to drive their kids out here, so we all hung out with each other. Our parents were all super close, and we would play manhunt together. Every weekend we would get together, probably like 10 people, and it kinda became this thing towards the end of high school where everyone eventually was going to go their own way. We were all going to do crazy, creative things, we all knew that, so we’re like: ‘Let’s make a hub for it.’ Originally it just started for us, just to keep up with what all of us are doing.”



Best On-ball Defender in the Squad

“B (Aull) is really good. You are really good…only problem with you is you face guard everybody. So you’re very susceptible to over the top passes. B…I think it’s B. I focus all my energy on offense, and I go for those lazy, come across lane and block somebody who you shouldn’t be anywhere near. But yeah, I think B is the best on-ball defender.”




“I’ve always looked up to people who can maintain gigantic followings without doing social media. Childish Gambino posts on social media once every three years. You never hear about him, never does interviews, but people love the mystery of it. Same with Frank Ocean. Like, Frank Ocean is a name that’s almost, in some peoples’ minds, synonymous with Picasso. It’s so exclusive. I think building exclusivity is such a cool thing.”


images via Mr. Garrett Clare


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– Benny P

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