Benny’s Crib: Just Plain Jones (EP 2)


We back at it! Episode two of the Benny’s Crib podcast is live. I was lucky enough to talk to Just Plain Jones on this episode, in celebration of his new EP Foie Gras. Peep that here. As always, thank you for listening! #MaineHipHop



The Blog Era

“The blog era was so…it felt like a community. You were in the comments section, the same cats were in the comment section making jokes. You felt like when an artist started popping, like, I remember when the ‘Chillin’ song came out for Wale. I felt like I had a stake in that. It came out, it leaked, I was like: “Yes!” My man got, it’s on. The albums coming out, Interscope picked him up. This was it. We apart of this. ”



Takeaways From DMV Youth

“Multiculturalism isn’t a bad thing. Where I grew up, there were cats from the city, and also there was cats – lemme take a step back. We simultaneously, I tell the story of cats going to go go’s (D.C.’s music) in the city while other cats that I hung out with had tractors they would bring to school. Like, bring your tractor to school day. I was right on the line between rural and city so I learned a lot. A lot of my music is influenced by a lot of different people and lot of different stories.”



Genius of The Wire

“That scene about the pit, that explains so much without telling you. That is where I learned a lot of storytelling from. Where you can display and have people come to realizations without actually force feeding what it’s supposed to mean. ”





‘Foie Gras’ inspirations

“I saw an article about how foie gras was made. They basically force feed ducks and geese, and they force feed them ’til they have fatty liver. And if you’ve ever met anyone who’s had a fatty liver, that’s a terrible thing. To then force feed a sentient being just so rich people can have an hors d’oeuvre or snack. Like, c’mon…it’s a cruel thing just so rich people can enjoy things. That feels like the world right now.”



Dream Collab

“That’s a tough one. Noname and Bas. And I would be the producer, I wouldn’t even rap. I just wanna make beats. ”


Facing Life Head On

“One thing about adulthood that no one ever tells you is that you gotta be able to face adversity and understand that shit can be hard, but also understand that that’s not the only way it’s gonna be forever. You just gotta hold on, you can’t sit still. You gotta work. You gotta point in some kinda direction. But, if you keep going in that direction then at some point the sun gone shine. At some point. ”


images via Mr. Garrett Clare


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– Benny P

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