Benny’s Crib: Spose (EP 3)

Benny’s Crib: Spose (EP 3)


The hype train keeps rolling. Episode three of the Benny’s Crib podcast was honored to feature Spose, the “King of Maine” and overall 207 hip hop legend. This was a big moment for me, due to the fact that I’ve been bumping Spizzy’s music since my high school days almost a decade ago. Catch Spose on tour this summer with fellow Maine artist Bensbeendead. – hit the link for tickets. #MaineHipHop



Youth & Technology

“The computer and learning programs was crucial to everything that ever happened to me. That’s how I met the dudes in the rap group, that’s how I made my own beats. That’s how I recorded my friends.”



Early Rap Days at Wells High School

“We’re rapping all the time. Just by default you end up being the best rappers in school, even though we’re joking. Me and Sticky-1 were the best, I felt. And when I met Cam (Groves), I was like: ‘Cam’s great too.’ We got a lot of history. And it all predates Preposterously Dank. By the time Preposterously Dank came out in 2008, you know, I was about to have a kid. Everything is documented from there on. It’s all to the record. So, up until then, is this kinda golden era that’s not on record really. That’s why we dropped a song like ‘Casey Mac’s.’ ” 



Role of Family 

“It’s everything. They’re gonna be there after all my friends move on with their lives. And all the fans move on with their lives and whatever. They’re number one. I don’t know, who knows what stupid ass shit I would’ve done if I didn’t have a kid when I got a record deal. ” 



Looking Back at the ‘I’m Awesome’ Era 

“It taught me so much. Taught me so much. Gave me all the money to proceed the rest of my career, A. And, B, it proved to me in my mind that I could hang with the highest quality of people making music. I felt like I could compete.”



‘We All Got Lost’ and Living in Your 20s

“On the album I got to play every version of me from like 19 to 33. And I think the whole concept is, my story is not all that different from anyone else’s. We all go too far down the rabbit hole, we all think we’re the shit sometimes. We all, you know, we all wanna die. Everybody goes through every rollercoaster of emotion in their twenties. I just wanted to encapsulate that.”



The Future

“I don’t know where to go, I’m at the crossroads. Do I go further left field? I think the solution I kinda decided on is I’m gonna do everything. I’m gonna try everything. I feel like I already made the shit I ever wanted to make, I made everything I wanted to do! It’s a beautiful time to take some risks, try some shit. I feel confused as an MC, but I’ve always known where I’m headed musically. Just trying to get closer to the center of the box that I was tryna get to when I was 14. What’s the perfect song I can make?” 


images via Mr. Garrett Clare


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– Benny P

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