Benny’s Crib: B. Aull (EP 4)


Pop the champagne, it’s time to celebrate. Episode four of the acclaimed Benny’s Crib podcast features Portland’s own and Maine rising star ‘B. Aull.’ From dropping a massive new EP, to breaking pre-sale ticket records, it’s been a busy Summer for Mr. Aull. So, I knew it was only right to have him come through for a few glasses of bubbly and go over all his recent accomplishments. Give your people their flowers while they can still smell them, y’all! Let’s get to it. #MaineHipHop



Favorite track on the Collage EP

“Favorite track is ‘Reboot.’ I think it’s a very good representation of me as an artist. Between the rapping and singing, everything about it. Soto killed the beat. Shoutout to SotoSoDope.”



Creating a Strong Local Presence

“I’m just saying…in the past three weeks here I’ve given two local businesses their most lucrative nights to date. I’ve given one their first pre-sale ticket sell-out. I mean, I don’t know what else – that’s it! There’s nothing else to say, drop the mic (laughs). It just feels good to have that track record and be like ‘I have that influence. I can make shit happen.’ “



Importance of Touring

“The tour kinda set up – without the tour I don’t know if we really could have put the EP together. I mean, I know we couldn’t have put the EP together. Because, the budget that we had after the tour was perfect. So I’m thankful. It’s all dominos. You need everything to fall the right way.”



Youth in Saco, Rapid Rays & The Burger Hero

“I lived in this apartment that was literally a three minute walk from Rapid Rays. Then we moved to a house that was a five minute walk from Rapid Rays down the street. I’ve always lived in downtown Saco. I can distinctly remember going to Rapid Rays with my brother, with like spare change, and I remember being a nickel short. And the dude at the cashier wasn’t going to front two little kids! BUT – a very kind gentleman stepped up from behind us and put the nickel on the counter. If I could see that dude right now I would dap him up with a strong dap. A STRONG dap. Man, you a real one. ”



What’s Next For B. Aull?

“It’s a very interesting time in my career. We’re on the cusp, the verge of really taking that next step. Like…yo we could really be doing this full time. Soon. If the dominoes fall the right way. I’d say in the next year or two is when I will only be making music for my job. That’s it. Nothing else. That’s definitely something that’s gonna happen.”



images via Mr. Garrett Clare


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– Benny P

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