Benny’s Crib: God.Damn.Chan (EP 5)


Episode five of RhymeBeat’s in-house podcast ‘Benny’s Crib.’ This episode features God.Damn.Chan, 207 producer, young legend and overall cool human being. We talked about his time living in L.A., being back in Maine, stories of old Portland and, of course, dope ass hip hop. Make sure to stop by Eaux in Portland this Saturday 8/24 from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. to see Chan spin a DJ set, and also scoop some of his new merch line while you’re there too!



First Memory of Hip Hop

“Man, probably Doggystyle. That’s probably the first thing. It’s a mixture, it’s a bunch of different shit from that era. My dad, you know, played rap music in the crib and my mom was into R&B and shit when I was younger. But yeah, Doggystyle…Kris Kross’ ‘Jump’ was a big one. House of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’ was a big one. Those are some of my earliest memories. The Chronic! Wu-Tang. Yeah, 90s hip hop. It was what was being played at the house.”



The Low End Theory

“Every time I played, the lineup was dumb. I miss that place. I miss being able to go. There will never be another Low End Theory. There will be other things that spawn from that, but there’s never gonna be another. Nothing will be like that vibe.”



Youth in Portland

“As a kid, maybe it was just because I grew up in a more rural area, every time I would go to Portland for something I would get really jazzed about just ‘going to Portland.’ Me and my homie Zach in high school, we could go to Bull Moose in Windham. It was right there. But, it was more fun to go to Bull Moose in Portland. Go do Portland things. It’s like: ‘I’m not this kid from Hollis. I’m out here in the city.’ ”



The Maine Scene

“The Maine scene is very exciting right now. The beat shit is popping off. Re:Sample is fucking amazing. It’s super exciting to see that people are taking an interest in beats. It’s cool to see weird hip hop beats finally have a crowd. People are into it. I think it’s a super exciting time for the Portland, ME music scene. I’m seeing newer artists pop up that are making shit that doesn’t sound like anything else, and that’s super exciting for me.”



Favorite Time of the Day to Make Beats

“The morning. First thing in the morning. Rested. If I can manage to get to the pads before I even look at my phone, so that social media can’t make me negative to start my day, that’s a plus too.”



Where Will God.Damn.Chan. Be One Year From Now?

“One year from right now? Hopefully on tour (laughs). I’ll probably be doing the same shit that I’m doing. Making beats. Chilling. Hanging out in Maine. Traveling. I’m trying to live in the moment these days. I’m getting better at that.”


images via Mr. Garrett Clare


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– Benny P

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