Ghostface Killah – Conditioning

July 8, 2019 Benny P 0

  Holy smokes this was so dope. Ghostface might be getting better with age. He’s had a hell of a 2010s. Sour Soul, 12 Reasons to Die 1 & 2, 36 Reasons, The Lost Tapes,


Larry June – Organic Mud [prod. Cardo]

July 7, 2019 Benny P 0

  SOCKITTOME! Larry June is Mr. Consistent these days, projects haven’t stopped dropping and the brand is strong. I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again – I need some of that organic orange


mavi – sankofa / warning

July 6, 2019 Benny P 0

  mavi on a roll unlike most artists right now. Keeps dropping stellar tracks and visuals week after week. Glad I discovered his music, can say it’s definitely made my mind feel more at ease.


Andre Hicks – Subtracion

July 5, 2019 Benny P 0

  I love my local scene, yo. Not gonna lie – hadn’t heard of Andre Hicks before this Summer. But dude has some talent for sure. Hear tons of potential in the depth of his


Apathy – Be My Boo

July 3, 2019 Benny P 0

  Samples on point. Apathy really one of the illest to grace New England. Lotta power behind his vocals. Production was filled with silky strings, spin this back a few times.        


RJ Payne – The Love

July 2, 2019 Benny P 0

  Let me introduce you to RJ Payne. With a commanding voice and poised pen game, this MC has caught my ear recently. Co-signs from some of the Griselda crew haven’t hurt, either. Dude has


Benny’s Crib: Spose (EP 3)

July 1, 2019 Benny P 0

  The hype train keeps rolling. Episode three of the Benny’s Crib podcast was honored to feature Spose, the “King of Maine” and overall 207 hip hop legend. This was a big moment for me,


Kemba – Nobody I Can Trust

June 30, 2019 Benny P 0

  If you look up growth in the dictionary….I’ll refrain from the cliché but you get the idea. Kemba really has stepped up the raps this past half decade. And he was killing it no



June 30, 2019 Benny P 0

  Oooooo these youngins ain’t playing around. The singles from the LOWFi collective continue to drop, and they continue to impress me. That tape is just on the horizon. I can feel lit. Stop hitting


Brent Faiyaz – Trust

June 29, 2019 Benny P 0

  More R&B for us on this delightful Summer day. If I’m making a list of the smoothest voices on the scene right now then this artist is highly ranked. Haven’t heard a release from


CHIKA – High Rises

June 28, 2019 Benny P 0

  Funny thing just happened. I was going to start this post off by typing: “an artist you should watch.” Then I hit play, and saw the text “artists you should know” appear in the


Atmosphere – Specificity

June 27, 2019 Benny P 0

  Shoutout the gods. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Don’t really know if I’d be into this hip hop life the way I am if it wasn’t for this group’s music.


Lord Apex – The Fads

June 26, 2019 Benny P 0

  Let’s take a trip across the pond to an enchanting land, the United Kingdom. Lord Apex was one of my key college finds back in 2015, and it’s been a ride watching him get

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