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Start with the history – contextualize the present – appreciate – repeat daily


top 5 Uzi songs no doubt


musical deity


I love Noname…..truly a gem


one of my favorite beats ever. praise ALC


Thelony on the track


Lupe reflects on the 10th anniversary of his classic debut album


beast from the East


watchu know about the Juice Crew??


Nardwuar really the inspiration, dawg




great battle – RIP to the lord


scary good vocals.


debut might be a classic…..timeless for sure




Southern flavor.


The Adventures of Bam Bam


Shouts to the ladies


dis a trio.


nothing really beats underground hip hop


fire (duh)


ahead of their time.


YG the GOAT of wings.




Shouts to Old Face Andre.




radio wasn’t ready for this one


y’all hate on Logic too much he’s mad talented


you ain’t got the answers!


top Boiler Room set


Smooth slaps.


a name you should know


stuck in a Nardwuar YouTube hole plz help


Greatest group that never was.