J.I.D – Off Deez (feat. J. Cole)

December 4, 2018 Benny P 0

You knew this was coming! The more times I hear this the more it hits me how raw and nasty it is. J.I.D snaps. Cole snaps. Beat is bonkers. DiCaprio 2 already a lock on


J.I.D. – Off Deez (feat. J. Cole)

November 7, 2018 Benny P 0

New DiCaprio 2! New DiCaprio 2! This was a banger of a collab. Each MC went off in the flow department, entertaining song front to back. Hype for JID’s project is at an all time


Wale – My Boy (feat. J. Cole)

September 14, 2018 Benny P 0

Nothing like a Cole and Wale track. Some of the first hip hop I got into back in the day. In fact, I’d say each MC is one of the pioneers of the digital age.