Vince Staples – BagBak

Vince Staples may have the most consistent output out of all the elite MCs in the new school right now. He’s on a one project a year streak since 2011, and it looks like he’s going to drop a new album this year too. Not only that, but he’s also going on tour as well. ‘BagBak’ is a vicious single (one that I love) and contains some of the illest lyrics I’ve heard yet in 2017. Peep:

“We need Tamikas and Shaniquas in that Oval Office. Obama ain’t enough for me we only getting started. The next Bill Gates can be on Section 8, up in the projects. So ’til they love my dark skin – bitch I’m goin’ all in.”



image via Vince Staples & Def Jam


– Benny P

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