A$AP Ferg – Yammy Gang (feat. A$AP Mob & Tatiana Paulino)

Electric visuals. Song grows on me whenever I hear it, but after viewing this video it’s solidified as a banger. Love seeing (mostly) the whole Mob in formation like this. If you flash back five years to their early success in 2011 and then compare that to now, the growth is simply amazing. They are trendsetters in not just hip hop, but all of music, as well as in fashion. Each member has carved out a different lane for themself, and only one thing needs to be said: who’s dropping the next project? Twellvy, Nast and Ant are most deserving, but then you have Carti to think about. Even Marty Baller. But Ferg also has been hinting at putting out another project, so will he release another tape instead? I trust the collective fully, but I do hope they focus on the other MCs in 2017. There’s a ton of talent in the Mob and it’s time the game hears it in full. As always, rest in peace and power to A$AP Yams.

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