Jazz Cartier – Tempted

Story time. One of my best buds ever went to prep school with Jazz Cartier for a year. They weren’t super tight or anything, but the two did hang and play XBOX every now and then. The year after that (my freshmen year of college), my friend and I would bump random early sh*t from Jazz here and there, especially this posse cut he featured on.

We knew he would eventually get bigger as time went on, but never as huge as this. The dude BLEW the hell up! Millions of streams on Spotify and Apple Music, songs premiering on Beats 1 Radio, playing at Osheaga and all over the world, collabing with Wale and Phil Ade – even Wayne is showing him love! Insane. Look for more of his takeover in 2017. Poppy vibe on this one but I dig it!


image via Jazz Cartier

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