Ivan Ave – Also

Mutual Intentions in the house. ‘Ivan Ave’ and producers ‘Kiefer’ & ‘Kaytranada’ link up on this tranquil collab. Songs like this are reasons why I love hip hop so much. The movement of hip hop was founded by black Americans from the Bronx in the early 1970s during a time of severe racial turmoil, economic depression and massive systemic oppression. These founders created hip hop as a way to not only momentarily escape these societal horrors, but also as a way to enjoy/express their creativity and sheer unique talent as a people. The result was a completely new and unheard artform/movement that meshed music, dancing, fashion and street art all into one, one that represented both the old and new sounds of black culture.

Fast forward four decades or so and the movement has grown to be larger than life itself. Here we have a dude from Norway spitting bars over a slick beat co-produced by one dude from Canada, and another from Los Angeles. I doubt even DJ Kool Herc himself would have predicted that his parties were going to be that influential! Simply magical. Anyway, this song glides. Check it out.


image via Ivan Ave & Jakarta Records


– Benny P

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