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New York hip hop artist Elucid just released a full-length project titled Valley of Grace. Here’s a blurb he wrote about his time in South Africa recording the album – pretty cool stuff:

US Customs agent: Where are you arriving from?

Me: Johannesburg, South Africa

US Customs agent: And what was the purpose of your visit?

: Love

Maboneng smelled of burning. There werent many trees in this district. The wine was plentiful and cheap. Which really helped cause its cold in July there. I wore the same army fatigue jacket and black jeans every day. 7 am. Waking with the sun. I’d go to the store in Timberland boots and no socks for sausage to make with eggs that were smaller but creamier than ones I got back home. I settled into my mornings with a spliff, a latte from a fancy coffee spot where white folk spoke Afrikaans and a fatcake from a local spot packed with black city workers in neon green vests speaking Xhosa and Zulu.

“So, did you come to South Africa to find your roots?” he asked with a con mans grin. “Nah, my peoples are from the Carolinas”

I answered. I didn’t come in search of anything, really. But I found a few things I didn’t know I needed. I am proud to present Valley of Grace, a self written and produced audio/visual travelogue to my summer of 2016 spent in Johannesburg and Capetown South Africa.”


What a story. Filled with short tracks, raw beats and sheer poerty, Valley of Grace is an album that deserves a lot more than just a few looks. Well done, Elucid. Make sure to check out the documentary accompanying it too!


Favorite Tracks: dutch wax, looking for all to be rendered, colonizers corpse, maboneng means a place of light, no release

Rating: B (77/100)


image via Elucid


– Benny P

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