Bedwetter – Volume 1: flick your tongue against your teeth and describe the present.

Latest project from the Ugly Mane. This time he goes under the name ‘Bedwetter’ – been looking forward to listening to this. More important than the album however is the letter Ugly Mane posted on Facebook regarding his experience with the current American mental healthcare system. A person’s mental health is an incredibly serious topic, one that should be treated with high regard and care. To reach out to a psych facility for genuine aid and be dismissed like that must be something that leaves you feeling hollow inside. My heart was in a knot reading that letter; sending all the positive energy I can to the dude. He’s been an artist I’ve always respected, one who seems to be heavily dedicated to the culture and preservation of the game. Love to him for sharing his story. A brutal, and incredible, album. Buy it here.


Favorite Tracks: They’re all good, deserves to be listened in full


Rating: B+ (83/100)


image via Lil Ugly Mane


– Benny P

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