Doppelganger – Doppelganger EP

“Brace yourselves for the raw sounds from MCs Denmark Vessey and DRXQUINNX, and producer Azarias as the collaborative group “Doppelganger.” Their six track, self titled EP takes you through a laced psychedelic venture of introspective lyrics and eclectic beats. The new music lover’s cult finding, that’s sure to make you crave for more.”

That blurb from the group’s Bandcamp pretty much sums it up. Never heard of ‘DRXQUINNX’ or ‘Azarais,’ but I do love me some Denmark Vessey so I had to check this out. After a listen, I’ll say that it’s a solid collab EP. Unique production from Azarais, Vessey and QUINN have strong chemistry. Underground on top.


Favorite Tracks: Papermoon, Maury, Prophet, CopAnO


Rating: B- (68/100)


image via Doppelganger


– Benny P

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