Sampha – Process

As if we needed another amazing R&B/soul project today, Sampha! Didn’t you hear that Syd already dropped her album!? The sh*t we put up with! 🙂

Excuse that outburst, sometimes too much dope music can short circuit my brain. Today longtime RhymeBeat favorite and U.K. vocalist Sampha released his debut album. I’m gonna get straight to the point with this one so you can spend more time listening to this beautiful piece of art. Process is a stunning culmination of all of Sampha’s potential we’ve so luckily witnessed the past few years. It’s a moving, heavy, polished, painful, warm, gorgeous and near-immaculate composition of music. Being ten tracks, it’s a concise effort – each song melting into the next. The most spectacular thing to me about this LP is how much emotion Sampha can pack into his vocals performances. I feel like I’m witnessing years and years of stories and memories of the dude’s life, all due to a three or four minute song. And don’t even get me started on the piano. Just try listening to ‘No One Knows Me’ without tearing up. Haven’t been touched by an album this much all year; Process is a tour de force throughout. Albums like this make me fall in love with music all over again. Thank you, Sampha. This is more than special. This is watershed.


Favorite Tracks: Plastic 100°C, (No One Knows Me) Like the Piano, What Shouldn’t I Be?, Timmy’s Prayer, Blood on Me, Reverse Faults, Under, Take Me Inside, Incomplete Kisses


Rating: A (93/100)


image via Sampha & Young Turks


– Benny P

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