Fat Joe & Remy Ma – Plata O Plomo

Time to be honest. I didn’t really enjoy this. Love these two artists in their own regards, each legends in my mind, but this collab album just didn’t do it for me. There were a ton of mainstream beats and choruses, the features (excluding BJ the Chicago kid, French and Ty) were mediocre and didn’t consistently contribute that much, and the best track on here already has been out for almost a year! I definitely respect that Ma and Joe wanted to put out a more modern sounding collab, but it fell flat and felt somewhat forced. I listen to these two MCs for quick flows and classic hip hop bars, and although there were some instances of that on here, they were usually followed by filler. Mostly by an out of place hook. Again, I get that they wanted to stack some paper and try new sounds, and that’s cool, but I’m only going to revisit a handful of tracks at most. Hopefully it’ll grow on me, but for now it’s on to the next one.

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Favorite Tracks: All the Way Up (Hov Remix thooo), How Long, Swear to God,


Rating: D+ (44/100)


image via Fat Joe, Remy Ma & EMPIRE


– Benny P

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