Future – FUTURE

Excited about this. It’s a long project, but then again so was DS2 and look how that turned out. After a few listens I have to say that I actually dig a lot of the album. Production was that quintessential Future sound; always turns things up. Added about nine songs or so to the workout playlist so I can vouch for it. Huge shout outs to Southside, Metro, Jake One, Tarentino, DY, Zaytoven and the rest of the producers – they deserve at least half the credit for this gorgeous display of Southern trap.

Purchase FUTURE here.


Favorite Tracks: Outta Time, Mask Off, Feds Did a Sweep, Might as Well, When I Was Broke, Poppin’ Tags, Zoom


Rating: B (71/100)


Image via Future, Freebandz & Epic


– Benny P

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