Nav – NAV

Have you ever heard of Nav? He’s garnered a pretty big buzz for himself on the Soundcloud scene. He also was on the song ‘Beibs in the Trap (feat. Nav)’ by Travis Scott. Nav’s new self-titled album Nav serves as Nav’s debut project, and the first full-length effort we’ve heard from Nav. Nav also has a song on his album Nav called ‘Nav.’ It’s not my favorite song from Nav, but Nav has definitely put out worse songs. You’ve had to have heard of Nav by now? Nav is pretty popul – alright you get the point like my joke this album was a little stale and overdone but it did have its high points. I’m gonna rate it L7 weenie (square, step your 90s children’s sports movie references up, bruh) in the middle. Average. Mostly only decent in party atmospheres. Except ‘Lonely.’ That is my f*ckin’ jam.


Favorite Songs: Lonely, Myself, Some Way, TTD


Rating: C (50/100)


image Nav, XO & UMG


– Benny P

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