Tha God Fahim – Dreams of Medina 2

Fahim is back! Didn’t take long – dude drops a project almost every month it seems like. And I’m completely okay with it. One of those artists who redefines consistency. Just when you think he’s already released his best work something like this comes out.

Dreams of Medina 2 is a hip hop purist’s album. Layered production and bars to the roof – rap nerds like myself can have a field day with this one. Really hope he keeps getting bigger as an MC. All the collabs with Hommy really make me wanna hear him work with legends like Raekwon or even Big Boi. Although he’s from Atlanta, Fahim kinda rocks the East Coast underground boom bap style. Which is almost the reversal of everyone today. Usually you hear rappers emulating Atlanta’s sound. Getting down to it though, this isn’t any different than Fahim’s other projects stylistically. And that is a good thing. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Nasty release front to back – I’ll never get tired of this kind of hip hop.


Favorite Tracks: Ason Unique, Bone Samurai, Pokey Karoke, Fishing Wire, The Sheikh Pull Up U Shake da Masjid, Tek & An O-Z, Rolls Royce Cinema


Rating: B+ (80/100)


image via Tha God Fahim


– Benny P

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