Taylor Bennett – Restoration of an American Idol

According to Mr. Bennett, this is his “best work yet.” And, you know what? He’s right. Broad Shoulders was aight, but I definitely like this better. That intro alone had me vibin.’ The Chicago MC’s flow has grown in leaps and bounds – same with his beat selection. Those were the two major pros that stood out to me.

Let me touch upon the features for a second too. It was a cornucopia of happy hip hop artists. You had Raury, KYLE, Jeremih, Supa Bwe and even his brother Chance the Rapper! Their track really was something else. A short and sweet project that’s perfect for summer.


Favorite Tracks: Grown Up Fairy Tales, Favorite Colors, Intro (The Kid’s Alright), Nobody Tell a Name, Neon Lights


Rating: B- (66/100)


image via Taylor Bennett


– Benny P

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