Mach-Hommy – H.B.O. (Haitain Body Odor)

Another Hommy project!? This dude is starting to have Cal Ripken levels of consistency. H.B.O. (Haitain Body Odor) actually came out in the physical form last year, but was just released on SoundCloud to the digital world today.

The biggest thing I took away from this is how unique Hommy’s flow is. I barely know the right way to describe it. Maybe “intangibly cold?” That could work. You never know which direction it will take, but you can always guarantee it will be smooth as buttah. Combine that with insane bars/punchlines and you have rap down to a science.

Next biggest thing was the beats. Knxwledge, Roc Marciano, Daringer and a few others all contributed production to this LP – it was all over the place (in a good way). Being 18 tracks, it does run a little long in some listens. That being said, there is some simply unbelievable sh*t on here. Mach-Hommy is a breath of fresh air. No one out there like him.

The fact that this is a re-release of a 2016 album only makes today even scarier. Mach has grown since this release, and his future is nothing but promising. If you haven’t checked him out yet, then let this be your introduction. Earl approves!


Favorite Tracks: Trezeta Air Max, Kapeesh, Snow Beach, Mach Marcy, Fresh Off the Boat, Bloody Penthouse


Rating: B+ (86/100)


image via Mach-Hommy


– Benny P

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