Michael Christmas – Not the Only One (feat. Tobi Lou)

OH HELL YEAH. MIKEY CHRISTMAS BROUGHT THE HEAT. That chorus was hella catchy, definitely has some mainstream appeal. Don’t worry though backpackers – the bars are still on point. You weren’t doubting Mr. Christmas were you? Were Is This Art? and What a Weird Day not enough for you!? WHAT!? YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THOSE PROJECTS YET!? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? LET’S END THIS HYPOTHETICALLY IMAGINARY ARGUMENT AND ENJOY SOME BOSTON HIP HOP!

To be real, there is a lotta growth showcased on here. Looking forward to some more music this year from Michael too – would be killer if he dropped an album in the summer. Proud to be a fan.


image via Michael Christmas


– Benny P

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