Billy Woods – Wonderful (feat. Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman)

Now this is a trio of MCs. If you didn’t know, Billy Woods is an East Coat legend. That has to be said. His work with ‘Super Chron Flight Brothers’ and string of solo albums released since then are hidden gems – this collab should convert you if you’re not already a fan. Known Unknowns coming June 9th!

P.S. — Sop and Homeboy should just become a duo and drop an album. Those Lice EPs left me wanting more music; hit your boy up if you’re looking for a group name! Sandman Rock, Homeboy Aesop, and The Velvet Mic Brothers are the three that come to mind, but we can discuss more options at a later date. Hit play, my friend!


image via Billy Woods & Ashes57


– Benny P

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