EarthGang – Robots

AHHHHHHH MY BRAIN IS GONNA EXPLODE! EARTHGANG IS DROPPING A NEW ALBUM IN 2 WEEKS!????! I’m still bumping Rags and they lay this beautiful track/news on me!? Read more below:


I love the record. It helped me learn things about myself; diving deep and discovering what makes us tick.

As far as the project, I’m excited about the range of emotions we show. Lots of us, especially Black Men, are raised not to be emotional or to only show strength and anger. Emotions are our super powers. We should embrace them. To me, thats living life fully and truly.” – Johnny Venus

“The record means a lot to me because at the time it helped fuel my creative momentum. This record will always have a special place in my heart. The instrumental played so well with a concept i was working in my head before i even heard it. All this rap shit really is just selling emotions. This is the most exciting way we could sell feeling numb. Lol smh here we go again. ”

The project is just the next step of an overall creative experiment we’re trying. The fans will yield the results. If rags was u closing ur eyes to meditate then robots is that deep breath you take. – Doctur Dot

ROBOTS drops October 20, 2017.


AnonXmous on the beat.


image via EarthGang & Rightful photographer


– Benny P

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