REVIEW: Fatboi Sharif x noface – Preaching In Havana



“I ain’t scared no more, I ain’t scared no more…”


This line from the opening track of Fatboi Sharif and noface’s new album Preaching In Havana is a fitting encapsulation of the project’s entirety. With Sharif on the raps and noface on the production, the two aim to entertain listeners almost as much as they aim to disturb them. From a production standpoint first and foremost, NYC’s noface blends an array of experimental, dark, and glitchy sounds that flow as one piece from beginning to end. The transitions, audio samples, and distortions all add to this overarching feeling of grit. From this project to Lo.Face to countless credits on other tapes, face definitely been puttin out diverse, and quality, shit all year.


On the MCing end, there really isn’t an artist out right now who raps like Fatboi Sharif. Maybe ever. His lyrics are as vivid as the script to one of your favorite obscure horror movies. He creates grand scenes out of seemingly simple strings of words, bringing forth themes of life, death and comedy on nearly every track. This is not an easy task, but the Jersey artist makes it look like easy work. I almost hear a spoken-word energy to certain tracks as well, which is something I also really enjoyed as a listener. Certain lines still ring in my head randomly from this project (“skeleton key, open sesame, Woodstock 2030” – I see you). Well done, Sharif, well done.


Preaching In Havana is a soundtrack to the end of the world. Not one rooted in fear, but instead one in celebration. noface’s production throughout the LP is a fitting construct to Sharif’s madness. An audible world of fire and chaos surrounds the MC, as he lights a dirty spliff on its flames while slinging hilariously menacing wordplay at the listeners’ head. This project is a dazzlingly mad collection of modern hip hop, one that shines as a full release. Overall, the duo has created a rather unique, cinematic, and exciting end product. Give this one a “must-listen.” Pull up a seat and join the terror.


Favorite Tracks: ‘John Hinckley (feat. Lungs),’ ‘Fentanyl Firing Squad,’ ‘The Hybrid’, ‘Nazi Needle Marks,’ ‘Static Vision’ & ‘5G Celsius Cell Tower (feat. phiik)’


image via Fatboi Sharif, noface & Yoga


– Benny P


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